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On an international level, France has committed itself to many projects designed to slow down the loss of biodiversity and to reinforce the development of marine protected areas, which represent 1.4% of protected oceanic and coastal areas compared to 15% for protected areas of land. Internationally, the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées’ primary mission is to develop marine protected areas on the high seas and to follow the regional seas conventions and international agreements. It notably uses a network of MPA managers and the setting up of cross-border technical cooperation projects with different countries (Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, etc.). A partnership with the NOAA, the American organisation responsible for the oceans, also enables the development of projects in the Pacific and the Caribbean, The Agency has been entrusted with the organisation of the third World Congress for Marine Protected Areas that will take place in Marseille in 2013.
To accompany it development, the Agency has adopted a philanthropic policy and is working to build partnership projects with companies sharing its marine conservation and promotional values.


World's Marine-Protection Specialists Gather in France in Oct. 2013

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