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Regional cooperation for the protection and management of marine environments in four oceans.

The presence of the French maritime domain on the four oceans underlines and increases regional cooperation stakes. In fact, waters under French jurisdiction have maritime borders with around 30 states. In order to contribute to the synergy of cooperation the agency has drawn up an activity program for regional sea conventions. France is a Contracting Party to six regional sea conventions. These implemented conventions are one of the largest initiatives for the management and protection of coastal and marine environments.

View the map of the six regional sea conventions

Six regional sea conventions

The regional seas program, put in place in 1974 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) covers eighteen maritime regions around the world. A specific socio-economic and political environment and specific environmental stakes correspond to each sea.
14 regional seas are the subject of conventions that express the political commitment and desire of neighbouring states to meet the shared management and conservation objectives of marine environments.

France is a contracting party to:

  • The Barcelona Convention for the Mediterranean (1976);
  • Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources(1980);
  • Cartagena Convention for the Caribbean (1983);
  • Nairobi Convention de for the Indian Ocean (1985); 
  • Nouméa (1986) and Apia (1993) Conventions for the South Pacific;
  • OSPAR Convention for the North Atlantic (1998).

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