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Agency cooperation in the Mediterranean

The agency is developing multiple partnerships in the Mediterranean . This sea, almost entirely closed off and threatened by its own attractiveness requires, even more than elsewhere, cooperation between its neighbouring countries to preserve its exceptional biodiversity.

The Mediterranean branch of the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées is greatly involved in international actions:

  • participating in deliberations about the governments of the high seas in the Mediterranean, the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées supports, in partnership with the IUCN, a specific work group for the protection of underwater sea mounts and canyons;
  • the agency supports the ministry of sustainable development on the "biodiversity/specially protected area" protocol of the Barcelone Convention [lien vers page Partager > Coopérations régionales > Méditerranées > Convention de Barcelone], and contributes to the MEDPAN network of Mediterranean marine protected area managers;
  • concerning knowledge, a partnership with the CAR/ASP, IUCN and ACCOBAMS targets the technical and financial creation of Marine mammal inventory projects and Canyon head exploration campaigns on a Mediterranean level.