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Marine protected areas: tools to manage and preserve the marine environment

Marine protected areas are defined areas at sea that meet long-term nature protection objectives. Today French law recognises 15 types of marine protected areas. New categories can be recognised through the creation of Ministerial Orders. The majority of marine protected areas combine protection and the sustainable development of activities. Their means of governance generally combine users, elected individuals, experts, etc. for the management of the listed Marine area.
The Agence des Aires Marines Protégées is the support to all MPA managers. It is the manager and co-manager of certain MPAs such as natural marine parks or certain Natura 2000 sites.

Different marine protected area categories

Defined by the law of 14 April 2006, the six categories of marine protected area each meet specific objectives whilst(...)

Educational Managed Marine Area

An "Educational Managed Marine Area" (EMMA) is a small coastal area a few km2 wide, managed in a participatory way(...)