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Creation of the Coral Sea natural park

The World’s largest Marine Protected area in French New Caledonia


The creation of the Coral Sea natural park was announced on April 23, 2014, according to the government of New Caledonia’s decision headed by Harold Martin.

The creation of the park is the follow up of the commitment made by Caledonian authorities at the 3rd International Congress of Marine Protected Areas organized by the French Marine Protected Areas Agency and IUCN, in France, last October.

With 1, 3 million square kilometers, that includes most to the Exclusive Economic Zone of New Caledonia, the Coral Sea natural park is now the largest marine protected area not only in France but also in the world. More than that, its creation increases the protected areas from 4% to 16% of the waters under French jurisdiction, thus contributing significantly to strengthen the French network of marine protected areas.

The park aims to protect the marine environment, to maintain services rendered to man by the different ecosystems present in its scope and to contribute to sustainable development of maritime activities. The next step for the park is to implement the management plan that will define goals up to 15 years for the protection and sustainable development of activities related to the sea.

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