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Valmer and Panache final conference on 17-18 March 2015

The English Channel: one ecosystem, two projects. Valuing and protecting our shared sea


The VALMER and PANACHE projects, both of which have been exploring exciting new approaches to sustainable management of the English Channel, will present the findings of almost 3 years of work during a conference that will take place in Torquay, UK on 17-18 March 2015.
The conference will feature a series of presentations, educational workshops and a multimedia exhibition, with plenty of opportunity for networking with leading UK and French policy makers, academics, practitioners and stakeholders.

VALMER and PANACHE have been selected in the context of the INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England European cross-border co-operation programme, which is co-financed by the ERDF.

VALMER is investigating how we can assess and value the many benefits to human well-being that we get from the marine environment and how ecosystem service assessments can be used effectively in marine planning and management (
PANACHE is assessing the ecological coherence of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the Channel, how these MPAs can be better monitored and managed, and how to create a sense of ownership through citizen science (

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