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The main assignements of the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées are supporting public policies for the creation and management of marine protected areas in the entirety of French maritime waters, running the MPA network, technical and financial support of natural marine parks, reinforcing French potential in international negotiations concerning the sea.

Supporting public policies for the creation and management of MPAs

The agency contributes to public policies for the development and management of the AMP network through different actions:

  • Collecting technical and scientific information and making it available 
  • Identification of marine sites with a strong potential in terms of MPA creation. These strategic regional analyses contribute to the development of a national MPA creation strategy for the entirety of French maritime waters.
  • The creation of 10 natural marine parks around 2020. It coordinates and puts in place the study assignments that are created to study these projects. It provides human, technical, and financial means to natural marine parks once they have been created.
  • It assists the management of Natura 2000 sites after considerable involvement of the agency in the definition process; supporting the creation and management of the AGOA marine mammal sanctuary, in the French West Indies ;
  • Partnerships with Polynesian and New Caledonian authorities for the creation and the implementation of an AMP creation strategy

Running the MPA management team network

The agency supports AMP management teams in order to reinforce dynamics and exchanges. It does this by:

  • Providing technical and financial means to existing management networks like the  management team forum, the Natural Areas Technical Workshop, the Mediterranean managers network  …
  • By participating in the development of new networks
  • By organising conferences on  AMPs like the second national AMP conference in 2010, at La Rochelle.
  • By being the relay between and informing state departments and public establishments regarding MPAs and actions carried out by the agency.

Knowing and monitoring French waters and MPAs

The agency participates in the acquisition of knowledge regarding the Marine environment, monitoring processes, and diagnostic actions in French waters and marine protected areas in several sectors:

  • Contributing to the nature and landscape information system (SINP) through the collection of data on remarkable natural heritage.
  • By participating in the monitoring and management process for French waters as part of the objectives set out by the marine environment strategy management plan
  • By developing a dashboard of marine protected areas in partnership with MPA management teams
  • By carrying out awareness campaigns concerning the marine environment and MPAs in partnership with the scientific people and institutions to gather data enabling the implementation of a coherent MPA network.

Reinforcing French presence on an international level

The agency enables France to fulfil commitments made internationally in terms of protecting the marine environment and the creation of MPAs and to enforce its maritime policy. The agency participates in this notably through:

  • Its technical involvement in regional seas  convention workgroups
  • Participation in workgroups and technical meetings on the high seas   and the creation of marine protected areas.
  • By supporting French participation in international meetings. The agency is a co-organiser of the next International Marine Protected Area Congress (IMPAC3), in 2013, in Marseille.