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Impac 3 : the program is online

The Impac 3 team is happy to present the program of the next International Marine Protected Areas Congress !

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Coral sea nature park

At the heart of the Coral Sea, the large ocean areas of the New Caledonian Maritime Space -which represent 98% of the territory-, comprise scattered “remote islands” and an important collection of coral reefs still not well known, despite ancestral habits in some of these parts.

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Agoa: protecting marine mammals in the French West Indies

The Agoa sanctuary aims to ensure good marine mammal conservation by protecting both the mammals and their habitats from the direct or indirect, potential or proven, adverse impacts of human activities.
Action is guided by five principles set out in the declaration establishing the sanctuary : protect, understand, share, inform and cooperate.

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French Polynesia’s Educational managed marine areas

An Educational Managed Marine Areas is a coastal zone which has a local and participatory management led by children. It is an initiative which involves pupils in a citizen action project of marine environment protection.

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Marine protected areas dashboard

As soon as they are established, marine protected areas have the responsibility for effectively protecting the marine environment. As a result of their legal status, some marine protected areas may have broader goals, extending beyond nature conservation, such as sustainably developing professional or leisure activities, or preserving cultural heritage or a maritime identity. Alone, a marine protected area (MPA) has a local, and limited, range of action. Marine environment conservation must be addressed on several...

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IMPAC 3 - Executive summary

The oceans cover 72% of the Earth’s surface, and the High seas (Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction – ABNJ) represent almost 60% of the world’s oceans and are at the heart of supporting life on Earth. Marine ecosystems provide vital services: securing food, developing economies and regulating the global climate, to name but a few. Oceans are the largest and oldest carbon sinks on Earth as 55 % of all biologically sequestered carbon is captured by...

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Logbook "L"aire marine" - Special IMPAC3

Table of contents :

  • Ajaccio Conference: practical solutions
  • Impac3’s recommendations
  • How to fi nance PMAs?
  • Beyond 10 %
  • Exchanges for a better management
  • A congress for more « oceanity »

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Fonds de dotation Explore

L’Agence des aires marines protégées et le fonds de dotation Explore, créé par le navigateur Roland Jourdain, ont signé un partenariat en faveur du milieu marin, fin 2014.

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Communiqué - Conseil de gestion du Parc naturel marin des estuaires picards et de la mer d’Opale

Le conseil de gestion du Parc naturel marin des estuaires picards et de la mer d’Opale s’est réuni ce mardi 23 juin 2014 à Etaples-sur-Mer, sous la présidence de M. Dominique GODEFROY.