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3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress: Countdown Has Begun

Every four years, the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC) brings together major marine-conservation players worldwide. Its 3rd edition takes place in Marseille and Corsica, France, from Oct. 21 to Oct. 27, 2013. Its official website is now online: Participants can register and submit their abstracts.

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Towards good environmental status in the marine environment in 2020

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive adopts an ecosystem-based approach to the marine environment, in connection with the Habitat, Fauna and Flora and Birds Directives and the Water Framework Directive. It aims to maintain or restore the correct functioning of marine ecosystems (preservation of biodiversity, correct interactions between species and their habitats, dynamic and productive oceans) whilst ensuring the sustainable use of the sea for future generations. This brochure introduces this environnemental directive et his implementation.

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Ministerial Message from Ajaccio

On 26 October 2013, after 5 days of debates in Marseille, Mr. Philippe Martin, French Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, gathered in Ajaccio 19 ministers of nations representing the world's oceans.

This Ministerial Conference, held in the presence of numerous representatives of governments, international institutions and NGOs, was structured around three roundtables, on the following subjects: the benefits and urgency of conserving the oceans, promoting the regional scale as the appropriate framework for effective...

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Pilot project to restore the Natura 2000 site "Baie et cap d’Antibes - Iles de Lérins"

The Agence des aires marines protégées (French MPA Agency) is undertaking a first project to restore the marine environment. This is a pilot action to which the Agency attaches great importance.

In May 2015, 2,500 tyres deposited underwater in the 1980s to form artificial reefs will be removed from the Natura 2000 site "Baie et cap d’Antibes - Iles de Lérins" (bay and cape of Antibes and the Lérins Islands), a marine protected area in the...

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High Seas MPAs in the Northeast Atlantic in the Northeast Atlantic

This brochure presents Marine Protected Areas that have been designated in waters beyond national jurisdictions by the OSPAR Commission. This document recalls how these MPAs were created, and the consequent recommendations for their management. The French Agency for Marine Protected Areas is involved in all these steps and this document intends in particular to inform relevant administrations and stakeholders to facilitate the implementation at national level of the recommendations for the management of these MPAs.

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Cooperation to manage the marine area of the central and west Pacific

In how far are the diversity of marine species and ecosystems taken into account in national development planning? Are maritime activities such as tourism, shipping, fishing, or mineral extraction affecting each other and are they compatible with marine conservation? What are potential future scenarios and how will they affect local communities that are strongly dependant on marine resources?

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Making up 15% of the worldwide oceans, the Southern Ocean is, just like the Antarctic continent, subject to a specific legal system: the Antarctic Treaty system. This system is made up of several instruments, including :

  • the 1959 Antarctic Treaty,
  •  its protocol concerning the protection of the environment,
  •  measures taken during meetings of consultative sections,
  • the 1972 convention for the conservation of Antarctic seals,
  •  the agreement on the protection of...

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The agency is developing multiple partnerships in the Mediterranean . This sea, almost entirely closed off and threatened by its own attractiveness requires, even more than elsewhere, cooperation between its neighbouring countries to preserve its exceptional biodiversity.

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Journée mondiale des océans

L’Agence des aires marines protégées, établissement public dédié à la protection de la biodiversité marine, propose plusieurs animations pour la Journée mondiale des océans du 8 juin.