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COP 21 : MPAs contribution to science and knowledge on climate change

The MPA Agency Partnership would addressed to COP 21 that Marine Protected Areas are a key tool for marine biodiversity conservation and supporting resilience, in helping countries deliver progress on Climate Change in synergy with the Convention on Biological Diversity goals.
More partnerships and more dedicated finances are needed for investing more in marine nature solutions. Ocean needs international challenge for investing in resilience.

Ocean and climate challenge will be an important issue of the...

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Cooperation to manage the marine area of the central and west Pacific

In how far are the diversity of marine species and ecosystems taken into account in national development planning? Are maritime activities such as tourism, shipping, fishing, or mineral extraction affecting each other and are they compatible with marine conservation? What are potential future scenarios and how will they affect local communities that are strongly dependant on marine resources?

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Posidonia seagrass: a radio message to make yachters aware of the stakes of its protection

A radio message targeting yachters will be broadcast on Radio Riviera this summer, by the French marine protected areas Agency, associated to MPA managers. The aim of this message is to raise awareness among skippers and crew members of the impact of yachting on the Mediterranean marine environment, and especially on the seagrass Posidonia oceanica.

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Legal notice

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National strategy for the creation and management of marine protected areas

This brochure is a summary of the national strategy for the creation and management of marine protected areas adopted in 2012. This document is an edition of November, 2015. The current strategy specifies how France intends to expand its action to develop and manage the network of marine protected areas : objectives, geographical priorities, principles, etc

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The main assignements of the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées are supporting public policies for the creation and management of marine protected areas in the entirety of French maritime waters, running the MPA network, technical and financial support of natural marine parks, reinforcing French potential in international negotiations concerning the sea.

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Making up 15% of the worldwide oceans, the Southern Ocean is, just like the Antarctic continent, subject to a specific legal system: the Antarctic Treaty system. This system is made up of several instruments, including :

  • the 1959 Antarctic Treaty,
  •  its protocol concerning the protection of the environment,
  •  measures taken during meetings of consultative sections,
  • the 1972 convention for the conservation of Antarctic seals,
  •  the agreement on the protection of...

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The agency is developing multiple partnerships in the Mediterranean . This sea, almost entirely closed off and threatened by its own attractiveness requires, even more than elsewhere, cooperation between its neighbouring countries to preserve its exceptional biodiversity.

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Journée mondiale des océans

L’Agence des aires marines protégées, établissement public dédié à la protection de la biodiversité marine, propose plusieurs animations pour la Journée mondiale des océans du 8 juin.